Since my childhood, my passion for the voice field leads me on paths such as singing lessons, studio recordings, several guitar-voice collaborations, voiceover and finally sound therapy.

I discover this universe when, in parallel to all these activities and working as assistant for an international company, I am animated by a deep inner quest.

This research resonates while I participate in a workshop of harmonic chant. The world of sounds and their vibrations fascinate me instantly.

I continue my journey with a training in sound therapy in France, where I discover in addition the use of therapeutic instruments such as drums and singing bowls.

Life will then lead me to Reiki and body awareness.

So I decide to deepen my knowledge with Soundhealing including Yoga of Sound and another training in psycho-body therapy that touches all the dimensions of the human being intimately linked together (the body, the emotional and the energetic) through energetic treatments and massages.

I was also trained to Inner Dance which is an inside dance to our original Being induced by specific music for which I also offer individual sessions.

Today I participate to a wonderful journey which includes family constellations and vibratory chant.

I devote most of my time to this path and its transmission using these different techniques with listening and caring.

Our Being is sacred, it is important to take care of it.