Since my childhood, my intimate connexion with my voice takes me on paths such as singing lessons, several guitar-voice collaborations, the discovery of voice-over recordings and the universe of sound therapy.

I discover this practice when alongside all these activities and my job at that time, I am animated by a deep inner quest.

This resonates when I participate in a holistic singing workshop that I was told about. Instantly, the world of sacred sounds and their vibrations fascinate me.

I continue my journey with a sound therapy training in France, where I discover the use of therapeutic musical instruments and also the shamanic approach.

Life leads me to Reiki and body awareness. I start a training in EMTE® massage with a psycho-body therapy approach which touches all dimensions of the human being intimately linked : body, emotions, mind and energy.

In parallel, I deepen the discovery of sounds with sound healing training including yoga of sound.

I then discover and train to Inner Dance (Inner Dance Belgium) which is an inner dance towards the origin of our Being induced by a specific music and for which I also offer individual sessions.

Today I devote most of my time to womb awakening practice and also transmission via these different techniques that I share with listening and caring.

Our Being is sacred, take care of it.

Our body has wisdom, listen to it.