Since my childhood, my intimate connection to my voice has taken me on the paths such as singing lessons, music collaborations, voice-over and sound therapy.

Driven by a deep quest for meaning, I practice all these activities that feed my daily life. This particularly resonates during a participation in a holistic singing workshop where the sacred sounds and their vibrations touch me deeply.

I continue then my training in sound therapy, discovering therapeutic musical instruments and shamanism.

Life leads me to Reiki and body awareness. This is the beginning to a deeper listening.

I train in EMTE® massage (Energetic Massage Eidetic Therapy) a transpersonal psycho body therapy: aiming to reconnect a person to its Essence by touching all their dimensions: physical, mental, emotional and energetic.

At the same time, I deepen Sound Healing for 3 years, including yoga of sound.

This leads me to the Inner Dance, a dance towards the origin of our Being, induced by specific music. I thus open up in a natural way to spontaneous movement.

These dance steps guide me towards a circle of chant and family constellations, drawing on the feeling of Body, Soul and Spirit. I experience important emotional releases and my first soul song.

Following these experiences, I feel a huge craving for nature and a need to discover my inner truth. I then courageously dive into the depths of the sacred feminine path ang begin a long inner journey. I learn various body practices and breathing techniques from ancestral traditions.

I live a “crossing of the desert” while gradually reconnecting to my voice before experiencing a Re*Birth.

Today, I am joyful to transmit the fruit of this intuitive, artistic and therapeutic journey.

I offer you 1:1 sessions and sound baths in order to free your voice, honor and connect with your body wisdom.

Soon in circle…