Inner Dance is an inner dance towards the origin of our being. A wonderful awareness-raising process. It is a physical, energetic, psychic, emotional and spiritual healing modality.  

An Inner Dance session is not really a dance. The body can remain still during the whole process or move in exactly the way it will be needed. It’s more an experience, an inner journey than a dance. We do not “do” Inner Dance but space is created so that this magnificent process of self-awakening can emerge. It is a movement, an energy you surrender to heal. It removes the layers of conditioned mental limitations and stagnation that developed over time, either through traumatic experiences or deep-rooted conditioning. We can then see what is under our thinking systems; the real Consciousness of our hearts. It is a soft mirror that allows us to see things as they really are. In a modified state of consciousness our real Self emerges. We return to the source from which we all come from: infinite, free and eternal.  

Inner Dance is much more than a practice and is not limited to the session. It is a transformative process of awakening which guides anyone who surrenders to this movement towards an authentic and meaningful existence.


Pi Villaraza is the founder of the Inner Dance Movement which today has become a planetary healing movement.

At the age of 25, Pi left a promising career and started a spiritual pilgrimage, during which he spent 2 years on a deserted island of Palawan (Philippines). During this experience, a powerful energy system came to him; a strange inner dance, a powerful healing vibration which he called Inner Dance. This system of spiritual care existed in an ancient Philippine tradition called Babaylan and probably in many other ancestral traditions.

Pi explains that if he were to rename this practice today he would call it “Trust”.

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Lying comfortably on a yoga mat with your eyes closed, you will be guided with musical support and a meditation in order to relax, place yourself in a safe and sacred space in order to be receptive and welcome the process.

This form of trust, openness and availability allows the Inner Dance process to emerge once the altered state of consciousness has been reached.

There is no obligation to dance or do anything except an invitation to allow what is there, to leave what needs to be expressed, set in motion to be.

I will be by your side and accompany you in the process through music (corresponding to different brain waves), sounds, words, intuitive and therapeutic touch, …