This massage is a personalised relaxing massage bringing a deep muscular and mental relaxation.

Through a combination of different movements (long and unifying movements, mobilisation of limbs and joints, precise and deep work on tensions, stretching and imposition of hands), this massage allows you to touch your entire Being and especially to reconnect yourself to your body in order to have a greater awareness of it.

The massage is done with massage oil or dressed and each one is adapted to your physical, mental and emotional state of the moment (I always take a bit of time to talk before and after the treatment).

Practiced on a regular basis, it is a powerful tool of preventive medicine.

Its benefits are numerous. It relieves stress and anxiety, brings deep relaxation and well-being, relaxes tensions, works on emotions, improves lymphatic and nervous circulation, balances energy flow, harmonises body and mind , develops intuition, increases creativity, reconnects to yourself, …

1h treatment : 55 euros